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Rick Austin

Content Creator
Finance & Investing

About Me

Hi there!  

I’m Rick, a finance and investing enthusiast.

Creating content on these topics and sharing it with the youtube community is my biggest passion. 

Come by my Youtube Channel and you’ll find content on Finance & Investing, Saving and Budgeting and Business Creation

My Approach To Youtube

I believe Youtube to be a wonderful community of people looking to connect with and learn from each others. That’s why Youtube is my favorite platform.

When I create a video, I try my best to develop financial topics that can impact and help people. I believe that everyone has the right to know how to deal with money and finance in an easy way. 

Rick Dago Youtube Approach

My Mission Statement

With my content I want to reach a community of finance lovers and hopefully transfer my passion even to people that, right now, don’t even think about it.

 I want everybody to be able to make right, meaningful financial decisions by themselves. It’s a shame that such important topics are not taught by our educational system.

That’s why most people struggle financially their whole life and are victim of a lacking society that doesn’t teach them how to deal with money.

For this reason, I will share with the community everything I learn about Personal Finance and Investing, including my worst mistakes!

“Every Good Adventure Begins With Preparation And Real Understanding That In Every Moment You Can Fail”

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