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The Best 7 AI Businesses to Start with ChatGPT

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Here are 7 business ideas that anybody can start by using ChatGPT without skills or knowledge about AI

The Best 7 AI Businesses to Start with ChatGPT

Open AI’s ChatGPT was finally released at the end of November and everybody is talking about it.

OpenAI is an organization founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman – among other people. ChatGPT is a Chatbot that is able to elaborate any request you make using an immense amount of data and provide a reply to you in human-like text.

People have been using it to compose music, develop ideas, make jokes, write movie scripts and even debug computer codes.

ChatGPT is already able to accomplish incredible tasks for us that we can profit from on a business level. 

Artificial Intelligence is not going anywhere. In the future, AI will take the place of most of the jobs we know now. So don’t be late: this is the perfect time to start using this technology to help you create a business.

Today I want to present to you seven different business ideas that anybody can start by just using ChatGPT. Dn’t worry, you’re not going to need any skills or knowledge about AI.

For some of them I will also suggest a more complex alternative by using the API that OpenAI made available.

What is an API

API stands for Application Programming Interface. If you develop an application, you can use the API from OpenAI to make use of the power of ChatGPT in your own application.

Let’s say for example that you have a website with a customer chat . Using the API from OpenAI you can connect ChatGPT to your Chat and use it to talk to your customers.

Or another example is what Lensa did. You’ve probably seen tons of people posting digital versions of their selfies on TikTok or Instagram through Lensa.

The interesting thing is that, whoever created Lensa, didn’t have to develop AI themselves. Instead they just used the API made available by the stable diffusion AI engine, which is essentially free to use for anybody.

So Lensa is making millions of revenue every year. Not because they created something new, but because they made AI available to people in a simple way.

This is in my opinion one of the key things to understand if you want to start a business. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just look for something that is already available and find a more comfortable and clever way to present it to the public.

1. SEO-Agency 

The first business you can start is a SEO-Agency.

Don’t get scared by the name. Most SEO-Agencies are simply a one person freelancer that looks for customers online. So you could start a business like this without having to create a corporation. 

If you’re not familiar with SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of optimizing the content of a website to get it ranked by google in search engine results for specific keywords.

If I google “how to find the best ETF to invest in”, I am going to get a series of results which google believes to be the best match for my search query. Google does that by ranking the pages based on keywords.

There are different ways to rank higher on a particular keyword, but one of them is to create a lot of content on that topic. So through ChatGPT you could literally create 50-100 posts about a topic, refine them a little and you suddenly have a lot of content online that will hopefully help you rank higher on that particular keyword.

Every day thousands of new websites are created and everybody needs to optimize the SEO of their website. And this is where you would come into play. With a SEO Agency you could offer to take care of the SEO of the websites and all you need to do is to ask ChatGPT for example:

can you write me a copy regarding investing in ETFs where you use Sector ETF as a target keyword?

ChatGPT - SEO - Investing in ETFs
ChatGPT Reply

So as you can see ChatGPT is going to give you a first draft and then you need to go more into details, for example you can ask for the most important factors to consider when choosing a Sector ETF  and going on like this you build a page.

A problem with SEO and AI

However, you can’t rely 100% on AI-generated content for SEO purposes. You need to work on it yourself a little. This is because Google is able to recognize if a content is purely AI-created and it will make it harder to rank. Moreover you need to try to provide some kind of additional value compared to what’s already online and AI will only rephrase content that is already available online. All that said, ChatGPT is still a great starting point for ideas and you are still going to be able to save yourself 70-80% of the work.

2. Sales Copywriting Company

The second business is similar to the first one but the goal is different, and this is a Sales Copywriting company.

The global ecommerce market totaled $5.7 trillion in 2022 and is expected to reach $6.51 trillion by 2023.

Copywriting is the process of creating the words for any text blog or webpage. In particular, Sales Copy or Sales Copywriting regards product descriptions or landing page content for products or services.

So for example whatever Amazon Listing or E-Commerce website contains a title and a description for the product, and this is exactly what you would be offering as a service. 

Now let’s say a client comes to you and says he wants a copy for a phone cover. You just write in ChatGPT: “Can you create me a website copy for a Phone Cover in nature-friendly silicon?”.

Copywriting ChatGPT Reply

And Voila, the text is produced within a couple of seconds.

So many people still don’t know that AI exists and is so easily available to the public so you can literally use this competitive advantage – or Moat as Warren Buffett calls it – to offer better results and in a much quicker time.

A quicker way to create copywriting content

In case you want to use an AI software that is created exactly for this scope you can use copy.ai:

Copy.ai is a content generator that is already in use by big companies like Microsoft and Ebay and is an all in one solution for basically any kind of copy.

Using it is really easy, you just enter your copywriting project, give a little bit of context and you can even choose the tone that you want the copy to have. After you get the results, you can choose what you like, edit it and publish it.

So you basically have two options here, either you start a copywriting agency, and you use ChatGPT or copy.ai, or if you know how to create websites or applications you could even use OpenAI’s API plug it into your own website and then sell that service yourself.

3. Dropshipping

The third business is Dropshipping,

If you are able to create great product pages for other E-commerce sellers, why not sell products yourself?

With Dropshipping you sell products without having to manufacture them, buy them, hold them as inventory or ship them.

I talked about Dropshipping in other Youtube videos of mine, if you are interested.

If you want to use Artificial Intelligence to help you with Dropshipping you have two options.:

  1. The first one is using ChatGPT: You simply ask the Chat to write a copy for you and it’s usually important to give some context. For example you don’t simply write “Can you create me a website copy for a Metallic Water Bottle?” but you complete with something like “…water Bottle with colorful designs and an exchangeable lid?”
  2. The second option is to use an all-in-one tool called Sitekick.ai.

Sitekick doesn’t simply create the copy for you. It creates the whole heart of dropshipping, which is a landing page.

And if you know how dropshipping works you know that you need to test several products to find successful ones and typically creating a landing page for a single product can take from a couple of hours to days.

So this website allows you to literally create a full, well designed, copy-optimized landing page within a couple of minutes. All you have to do is type in the name of the product, provide a few images and sitekick will create a landing page for you within a matter of seconds.

4. A Blog/Newsletter

Each one of us has passions or things we like to talk about.

So why not write about them in a blog?

There are many ways to earn from a blog and one of them is advertising. In order to be able to do that and raise the chances of bringing traffic to your blog, you need to generate a lot of content. Thanks to AI you are able to generate content within a matter of seconds and you just need to retouch it to make it original. 

So for example let’s say that I want to start a blog about dogs, the first thing I would do is to talk to my dear friend ChatGPT and ask “Can you give me ideas on interesting topics for my blog about dogs?” and the chat will give you a lot of ideas:

All you have to do is to go more into details and ask for specific copies, for example “can you write me a copy for a blog post about “Tips for traveling with your dog”?”:

And there you have it.

Another thing that you can do related to the blog is creating a newsletter, like a daily newsletter.

If you work online you know how important it is to collect emails, because with an email list you have free access to a lot of potential customers. And you usually do this by offering a newsletter that people can register to.

But the problem is that you are supposed to write frequently with a newsletter so AI is going to be of tremendous help. The only problem with chatGPT right now is that you’re not going to get information updated to 2022 but if you are writing about things that are not last minute news it’s perfectly fine.

5. A Youtube Channel

The business number 5 is creating a youtube channel.

I’m not going to tell you that a youtube channel is an easy thing but certainly one of the challenges is coming up with content ideas and content scripts. I personally haven’t used ChatGPT for this so far but I did play with it a little bit to try to see what’s the potential for youtube scripts and I was actually impressed by it.

ChatGPT could be your resource for finding new ideas for new videos and also for making a first draft of a script. For example if you have a channel about Artificial Intelligence you could ask “Can you give me ideas for creating a youtube video about AI?”

And if there is an answer you like you can even ask it to give you a script structure for one of the options. And by asking more questions related to its answer you can go more and more in detail about the single sections and you can literally get a whole script to start with. 

I think it’s pretty impressive and in the future the further AI will be developed the easier it will be for content creators to get new ideas, so if this is your path, start now, and start by helping other new creators like me by subscribing to my channel and dropping a like to this video. I’m serious, you would really make my day. Thank you.

6. Transcribing App

Business idea number 6 is to create a Transcribing App. There are websites like scribie.com that literally pay you for transcribing content from videos or registrations so the demand is there. And in fact if you navigate through scribie’s website you see that many companies need these services for example for transcribing meetings, speeches, dissertations and so on.

So you could think about creating an app and using the API from OpenAI to use the whisper service in your application. Whisper is another service from OpenAI and if you are curious you can go to the bottom of the OpenAI webpage and you’ll find it on the left. I know there is a little more work involved here, but it’s worth it to learn how to integrate this API to an App and how to build a front-end app because this API really has so much to offer.

7. Book or screenplay writing:

The last business is for lovers of movies or novels.

Sylvester Stallone wrote the screenplay for Rocky in 1975. Maybe it’s true that it took him three and a half days, but times have changed and now stories are more complex, harder to write and competition is higher.

Same goes for books. It’s hard to be able to create a great story like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. But maybe there is a solution that can open the door for you to a world that you never thought of stepping in.

ChatGPT is pretty impressive in creating incredible storylines and you could get hundreds of ideas within a matter of minutes.

Try to ask ChatGPT for an idea for a fantasy story:

And if this doesn’t impress you, what about asking for some more details?

Final thoughts

We are just at the beginning of something that within the next 10 years will literally change our lives and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it will develop.

I do have my worries… call me paranoid, but I share Musk’s idea that AI has to be developed carefully. 

But now we are not at that point. Instead we are in a really thrilling moment of development where AI is actually there to free our minds from repetitive work and from creative work.

So the choice is yours, you can use ChatGPT to simplify your work or you can even create an API based Application and this is in my opinion one of the biggest potentials: if you find a people’s need and solve it through an application that is AI-Driven, you are going to walk on an unexplored, new field and the room for development is going to be immense.

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